Core JKD Short Staff

Core JKD Short Staff

Using the standard Kali Escrima stick, I guide you in training that will make you truly functional defending, striking, and leveraging against stronger opponents using the methods of a short staff developed in Core JKD's crucible of experience.

Students over the years have always come up against the fighter who could take control of their stick and render their striking ineffective—and at worst: remove the weapon from their hands!

I've created this series of videos to give you the tools to not only retain your weapon, but to immediately use it to secure your opponent in locks or to strike them effectively from inside of a close-range engagement.

You heard that right: close-range (trapping and closer) effective controls, releases, and striking methods that will shake your opponent's confidence to the core.

It took nearly 35 years of hard training and study to devise efficient, successful methods for dealing with the Filipino Kali-trained stylist all the way down to the single-skilled, but effective, street thug.

Everyone thinks the rattan stick—or any stick you can hold in two hands—is only good for swinging and striking using angle 1,2,3, etc.

I mean, when was the last time you saw someone do anything other than the usual 9-12-or 17 pattern flows and strikes in training?

Ever get any of those flows or cool-looking patterns off in sparring?

Truth is, you only get about 1 or 2 strikes in before your opponent comes in and jams your swing or takes hold of your weapon.

I'll show you how to not only retain your weapon, but how to continue with unique short-staff only strikes that will allow you to continue striking at will—in an effective way that will put your attacker down quickly.

If they grab your weapon vying for control, they will lose it and most likely get injured or pain-compliant-controlled in the process.

For those who want to get right into a quick review of the techniques, Short Staff Part 3 will provide you a quick reference that you can always return to when devising your own curriculum.

Anyone who knows me and my training methods knows that I work as closely to where Bruce Lee was going in his training and development of Jeet Kune Do for the individual.

My formal training in Jeet Kune Do under the Inosanto lineage exposed me to a world of arts from Savate, Kali, Silat, Maury Thai, Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Combat Submission Wrestling, and on and on.

In my development of Core JKD, I pushed person physical and mental boundaries to bring out the best training methods against resisting opponents with or without weapons.

I worked to distill methods down to their functional base and used that with my understanding of physics and the human individual to create training that allows for the growth of the individual.

That means the training I give you can be adapted to whatever curriculum or style you as an individual are developing for your functional best.

I think you'll find some very cool stuff in this series, not just because some of it looks cool, but because of its efficient effectiveness that also uses some of our Rebel Wing Chun methods for reducing your attacker's toolset and effectiveness.

And the journey doesn't just stop with your purchase. I'd personally like to hear from you. I'd like to know what issues you personally have with training and things you need to overcome—sticking points you may have.

I want to provide a base of students and instructors who feel they can ask me anything. This way, I can work to help you become your functional best.

I appreciate the time you've taken reading this. Best wishes for your training,


What's included?

4 Videos

Course Curriculum

Core JKD Short Staff 1 - Striking vs Boxing, With Back Turned, Grounded
Short Staff 2 - Stick Releases and Controls, Binding and Locks
Core JKD Short Staff Part 3 - Striking Series References and Flows
Core JKD Short Staff Par 4: Variations, Leg Controls, Flowing
Shaun Rudie
Shaun Rudie
Ming, Sifu, Sensei

About the instructor

I'm the Founder of Core Jeet Kune Do, having had the pleasure of training and learning under some of the top instructors in the world in Jun Fan JKD, Wing Chun, Pentjak Silat, Muay Thai, Savate, Combat Submission Wrestling, the Filipino Martial arts Kali, Escrima, Arnis and others. 

I have been teaching individuals to become well-rounded and at their optimum best for nearly 30 years. 

Core JKD is advanced progression training for the individual against resisting single or multiple opponents in all ranges with or without weapons.

Distance training, seminars, and certification of affiliate schools is available.


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